Chow from the Food Aisle

There have always been those times when I have just picked up something from the grocery aisle as a part of dinner, more so when we have friends or family over. It’s either been due to time crunch or something that I felt was attractive and could certainly add that extra pizzazz.

With so much going on in the food blog world, I have been thinking of a forum, for a long time now, where you could know about products that are ready to use but unique in what they offer…something that comes handy when you throw a party or need to send out as a gift of appreciation. This is was actually what got me into documenting details on food including the store bought stuff.

After having spent a long time in the ‘planning stage’, these entries are, at last, getting to see the light of the day on the chow chronicles. With the holiday season here I imagined this would be the perfect time to include this element - for, a little help from the grocery aisle can go a long way!

If you think there would a food item/food product that you found useful or interesting and would like to share with the rest of us, do feel free to email them to me. I’d be glad to include them.



Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Hey, nice and interesting idea! Will surely mail you if I come across anything

Eskay said...

Thanks Ramya. That'd be great!

chirky said...

I can't find your email addy on this site. Could you include a contact section?