Sesame & Jaggery Ladoo

til ladu n4

A very Happy New Year to all of you. Hope you all had a lovely holiday season and are now gearing up to start a wonderful 2008.

Til ladoos take me back in time. My Mouma would pack these “Teeleh Oondoh” with other home made goodies when we’d visit every year or get it along with her when she would visit us.

I wanted to choose something sweet and less fatty at the same time, as the first entry on my blog for the year 2008. Not sure about you, but I have a ton of holiday pounds to shed…thanks to my sweet tooth! And I certainly didn’t want something that would add a few more pounds.

Just then I thought my grand mom’s recipe for these ladoos would be perfect, as they are easy to make, light on the tummy and the calorie count. And I could kick start the year on a sweet note as well.

til ladu n3

1 ½ cup White sesame seeds, roasted till brown
1 cup Jaggery, cut in pieces (choose the darkest colored Jaggery)
¼ teaspoon cardamom powder
¼ teaspoon finely powdered cashew nut
2 tablespoon water
A pinch of salt

Heat water in a wok on medium flame. Add jaggery and stir till it melts. Mix in roasted sesame seeds and cook on low flame. Stir continuously for 10-12 min till the mixture thickens and binds evenly. Add in cardamom powder , powdered cashew nut and a pinch of salt.

til ladu n2

Remove from heat, allow to cool. Rub palms with a teaspoon of oil and shape the mixture into balls using palms. Allow to completely cool till the ladoos harden. Store in an airtight container. The ladoos can be stored at room temperature up to a month.

Lesson Learnt: Roast the sesame seeds on low flame. I initially started out using medium flame and then realized that the sesame seeds began to blacken, so I had to start with a fresh batch all over again! You could still see some extra roasted sesame seeds in the picture.


Mansi Desai said...

This is perfect in time for the makarsankranti season in India, right?!! my mom used to make these and peanut chikkis and hide 25 paisa coins in some of the laddoos:)

God! it was so much fun!!:)

bee said...

wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous 2008.

Suganya said...

Those are beautiful. So are your pics. Happy new year.

Eskay said...

Thanks for stopping by Mansi. Wish you a very Happy 2008. Nice to know that there are so many of us that get reminded of home by these ladoos. You are right on that, I guess MakarShankranti is around Jan 14-15 or so.

Eskay said...

Thank you B & J. Wish you a wonderful 2008 as well.

Eskay said...

Happy New Year Suganya & G. Thank you for the note.

Padmaja said...

Happy new year and Eskay those looks absolutely delicious, feel like picking one.

Toothfairyrecipes said...

They look yummy, thanks for sharing:-)

Anonymous said...

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Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Year wishes to you too!!!!
the laddos look perfect!!!

Eskay said...

Happy New Year to you Padmaja.

Eskay said...

Thanks Ramya, wish you the same as well

Eskay said...

@ Toothfairyrecipes
Anytime, thanks for stopping by.

Eskay said...

Hi Barb Michelen, Thank you for stopping by. I guess you sent the note to the wrong person, as I am not quite aware of what you were trying to convey. I'm not interested in generating revenue at the moment. Many thanks.

TBC said...

Beautiful ladoos.
Best wishes for a great 2008!


We call it as Yellu Urudai and you have just perfectionized this!

Eskay said...

Thank you Rajeswari. Happy New year to you and yours.