...with a dash of basil. A theme for Liquid Comfort!

It’s amazing to see everyone’s contribution to this month's Click: Liquid Comfort.

Though there are so many things that come to my to mind, the one thing that stands out as an all time liquid comfort is Water....more so with a leaf of Tulsi.

Tulsi or the sacred Indian basil has remained an integral part a part of most Indian rituals and traditions, probably from times immemorial. Apart from being a rich antioxidant, Tulsi, is also known to serve as a natural immuno-modulator.

What I love the most about this plant and its leaves is the aroma. Throw a Tulsi leaf in a glass of water…and water doesn’t taste the same. The strong scent totally transforms water into something very unique. This combination is a good stress reliever and also very soothing.
So here goes my entry.....

CLICK liquid

This picture was shot in the evening, the only processing done: brightness and contrast adjustments, apart from inserting the border and watermark.


sunita said...

Lovely picture...I've clicked water as well :-)

Eskay said...

Thank you Sunita. Oh really! what a coincidence!

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

beautiful pic!! Love the flavor of tulsi in water.. It reminds me of temples back in INdia where they gv u holy water thats flavored with tulsi! Where did u get hold of tulsi, btw? do u hv a plant at home?

Eskay said...

Thanks Ramya. I have a plant at home. Luckily it thrives well in winter as well as I keep it indoors.