Monthly Mingle | Honey Cream Cake with Honey-Saffron-Cardamom Brittle


I have been trying my hand at baking and frosting a cake from scratch, in preparation for Ina’s birthday cake for later this Fall.  So we’ve been having cupcakes with and without frosting crop up every now and then.  The aim is to be able to make a homemade cake with no artificial coloring/ flavoring.  Too much of food coloring in the kiddie birthday cakes, sort of turns me off.  I cannot seem to resist the urge to spoon out all of that color loaded cream and give Ina just the cake, when we are birthday parties.  Somehow, the blues and greens on the cake transforms me into this panic stricken mom!  The last time we had a large gathering for Ina’s birthday I made sure we had a white cake with whipped frosting without any major bells and whistles.  Yes, that’s true - the multi colored- food dye  loaded buttered frosting adorning a cake, especially a birthday cake, is truly one of my pet peeves!