Strawberry and Yogurt Parfait


Yogurt has always remained one of my favorite ingredients. What I love is the versatility in the ways you could use it. All by itself or with a few ingredients you can turn it into a dip, a soup, a base for a curry or simply a fun dessert and so much beyond. What more when its good for the body?
I enjoy adding yogurt into everything I cook. So, in our household its a constant on the list of ‘staples’ on the weekly grocery list. With so many different kinds and brands available its tough at times to select 'a' specific kind. I use store bought and make it at home, when I can. Of the store bought ones I like the Greek style the most. Its much creamier and easy to work with.
Yogurt with honey and fruit is a fun way to enjoy as a dessert or a simple snack with no fuss or additional cooking. It truly is one of those yum things you can make in less than 5 minutes ! I found some beautiful strawberries at the local farmers market and thought those would go perfect with yogurt for an evening snack.
On any given day I would dice the strawberries and throw in a cup of yogurt, but this time I just wanted to make something different…different from the usual. So I whipped up some cream and yogurt along with the strawberries and decided to pair it with graham crackers….a parfait so simple yet so delicious!

½ cup plain Yogurt (Home made and strained for approx. 30 minutes)
½ cup Cream (whipping)
1 cup chopped Strawberries
1 cup crushed Graham crackers
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Whip the yogurt and cream together on medium till soft peaks form. I used cream for sweetness and to balance the tart from the strawberry.
Add in the strawberries and whip till evenly blended. To a serving cup or glass, add crushed graham crackers and press down with a spoon. Add a layer of the strawberry whipped mixture, followed by a layer of strawberries. Repeat for many layers as you like. Serve immediately or refrigerate till serving. I wanted to keep it very simple so preferred keeping it nut free. That said, some honey roasted almonds in the layers would certainly contribute added flavor.
This recipe is a contribution to the Berries: Strawberry Event hosted by Zesty Palette


Vardhini said...

Lovely and colorful layers. Thx for sending this yummy dessert to the event.

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Sihi said...

Thank you, Vardhini!